If you’ve made it through season one of the Veterans Leadership Blog Podcast.

You have heard from Thought Leaders and the Veterans community who echo my belief that:

“Veterans are the Key to Unlocking America’s next Golden Age.”

If you are in business or hiring for a busy organization

Here are 6 reasons You Should Be Talking about Veteran Leaders:

  1. Leadership: Veterans understand the practical ways to manage behaviors for results, even in the most trying circumstances. The military trains people to lead by example as well as through delegation, direction, motivation, and inspiration. They also know the dynamics of leadership as part of both hierarchical and peer structures.
  2. Teamwork. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of a responsibility to one’s colleagues. Military duties involve a blend of group and individual productivity. They also necessitate a perception of how groups of all sizes relate to each other and an overarching objective.
  3. Efficient performance under pressure: Veterans understand the rigors of tight schedules and limited resources. They have developed the capacity to know how to accomplish priorities on time, in spite of tremendous stress. They know the critical importance of staying with a task until it is done right.
  4. Respect for procedures: Veterans have gained a unique perspective on the value of accountability. Veterans know that they count and that they can be counted on. They can grasp their place within an organizational framework, serve, lead, and take on responsibility at each level. They know how policies and procedures enable an organization to exist.
  5. Diversity and inclusion in action: Veterans have learned to work side by side with individuals regardless of diverse race, gender, geographic origin, ethnic background, religion, and economic status as well as physical, mental, and attitudinal capabilities. Veterans know that diversity creates opportunity.
  6. Technology and globalization: Because of their experiences in the service, veterans are usually aware of international and technical trends pertinent to business and industry. They can bring the kind of global outlook and technological savvy that all enterprises of any size need to succeed.


I am so excited to introduce you to Veteran Leaders and those who love and support them.

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