Anyone who has served knows that it is a rare privilege for those who get to wear the uniform.


My answer is that you continue to serve.

There are many who have walked this path before us, and as they transitioned from military service they continued to serve as successful Business men and women, Community Advocates, and Leaders.

While all of our transitions will look slightly different, they will all have a few things in common.

This post will highlight a few steps to transition well and continue to serve beyond the uniform.

  1. Make peace with this new Beginning: Transitioning from a lifestyle you completely embrace is difficult. You have to accept mentally, emotionally, and physically that this is the end of this leg of your service. Move forward towards your new mission. There is a whole new life for you and your family ahead of you commit to moving on and give yourself the time you need to adjust.
  2. Attend Military Transition Programs with an open mind: – Transition Programs can jumpstart the flow of ideas that will connect you to whats next. Be open to the feedback and access the experts that will help you connect with your next opportunity.
  3. Explore the Unknown boldly: – There is always a special talent lying dormant in an individual, explore that talent. Now might be the time to pursue your artistic talent, creative writing, or public speaking. Go back to school or start that new business. What’s in your heart is there believe it.
  4. Put to Use your Military Values: – Integrity and discipline are two of the most important values instilled in an individual during your time of military service, building on these values will open doors for you more than anything else.
  5. Run with The A group: – Associate yourself with the A group (positive thinkers). Walk with people that will impact your life positively and challenge you to push past preconceived limits.




The Veterans Leadership Blog Podcast EPISODE 001 Run With the A Group

“It’s going to end one day.”

“Failure is part of the process.”

“Take it seriously and be patient.”


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Brought to you by Motivating and Empowering Veteran Leaders to Continue to Serve Beyond the Uniform.