My wife’s laughter rang out this morning when I joined her at breakfast. She couldn’t believe how much weight I had dropped visibly. 

Of course, I only have water, but it’s our conversation that I truly crave.

I shared with her that I am down 20 pounds since January 1, 2020.

Her jaw dropped.

Then she asked, 

“How do you feel how is your hip?”

I shared that this morning my hip felt amazing no pain at all, but during the discomfort of Days 7 and 8, the pain was excruciating.

I also shared I still have my Keto rash on my forearms, and while I am not itchy, it’s weird having skin that feels scaly because of the bumps.

During days 6 through 8, I had some of the worst withdrawal and emotional breakdowns I have ever experienced in my life.

It started with me getting extremely cold.

My body wouldn’t maintain a suitable temperature, no matter what I tried.

I was basically dressed for the snow while indoors writing at my desk. My hands and feet were so cold. I had to wear gloves and two pairs of socks.

I quickly learned to keep a light shake in my body to channel circulation. That helped drastically.

Right around eleven each day, I would feel end of the day tired. From there, I would take a break from working and see if I could push through it.

At times my mind would go blank as I took slow deep breathes to align with my why. Food wasn’t even a consideration or temptation at this point. It just seemed as if my body was resisting its new fuel source. 

On the 7th day, I walked up the stairs, hurting knowing that if I napped for 30 minutes, my mental crisis would be over. I was in anguish, but my thoughts weren’t on any specific thing. I quoted Philippians 4:13 out loud to myself and took that nap. When I woke up, I had some water, and it was like a brand new day. New energy and peace. 

I will create a reference below of the links I looked at to help me through my first 9 days of my water-only fast. The categories will be Mindset, Medical Information, Encouragement, and my favorite category, Spiritual. 

Making it this far required the wisdom of those who went before me. I still have further to go.


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Eric Thomas | Pain Points (Eric Thomas Motivation)

Medical Information

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Extended healing fasts (14-40 days)

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Fasting for 40 days  

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