When Men are facing a crisis, where do they go?

Some men run to their mothers
Some men run to their wives
Some men run to their girlfriend
Some men run to the other woman

Some Men can turn to their Brothers
Some Men to a life long Friend
Some Men have the luxury of consistently being able to run to their Fathers

Some Men have none of these critical relationships.

If none of these relationships exist, where do Men go?
I choose to be a part of a dynamic mens organization that works each week diligently to teach men to be the leaders we know them to be.

Sometimes this requires going beneath all the toxicity, bullying, and masculine lies that hinder men from being vulnerable enough to ask for help and to keep on asking.

One of these vulnerable ask for help moments showed up on January 14, 2020, at 5:22am EST

As the 5am Club Morning call began to wind down, and the call to action was presented.

A question went out by the organization’s founder, who asked.

Do any of you need anything?

There was pin-drop silence on the call as the other 18 men on this video call started to prepare for what was next up in our day.

As the silence stretched to 20 seconds, one of the members of the community spoke up.

He shared that after his divorce, which was finalized in December. His thoughts and his sense of self-worth are at an all-time low.

He shared how ashamed and alone he felt ever since the divorce.

The sincerity, in his words, invaded the call.

This Man was facing a crisis.

Who could he turn to?

Many communities and organizations in the personal development space are committed to seeing people enhance their life.

If you stay long enough in a community, you will notice where their priorities are.

Many communities their first commitment is to sell to their members versus investing in empowering their members to be more than who they are today, especially when they are facing a crisis.

In this moment of crisis, I saw a Model.

I saw a plan in action for building a bridge to empower men in crisis to get the consistent help and support that they need.

What I saw on that morning video call will stay with me for the rest of my life.

The founder of the organization said to this Brother get with my assistant today, and lets schedule some time I’m going to fly in to build with you.

This meant that he would have to clear his schedule.

Get on a flight and invest in this Man who was experiencing a personal crisis.

He wanted this individual to know in a tangible way that he is never alone.

Who do men turn to when they are facing a crisis?

What do they hear when they feel ashamed and alone?


Photo by Wallace Chuck on Pexels.com

I purposely didn’t mention the organization because I know first hand how easy it is for men to hide instead of asking for the help and support that they need.

I challenge you to find a space where you, as a Man, can ask for help.

I challenge you to find a space where you can see what a Model of Growth, Accountability, Consistency, and Vulnerability looks like.

You will know when you find that space because it will challenge you every single day.

If you are a man and after searching for your space, you feel compelled to adopt the community, I’m a part of reach out, and I will connect you to a space you can call home.

By @BernardBergan


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