I didn’t go on a fast for weight loss.  

There has been weight loss.  

Significant Weight Loss 

To date, I am thirty-one pounds lighter.  

Yes, that’s in 21 days.  

From January 1, 2020, to January 21, 2020, I have only consumed water and nothing else.  

I still have a few more days to go, and I’m loving the journey of self-discovery.  

I love communities like r/fasting because it gives real-time examples of people committed to fasting for a better life or fasting to save their life.  


My fasting journey thus far has been fun. 

It’s been filled with emotional highs and terrifying lows as my body detoxed from everything.  

Everything meaning sugar.  

Sugar sheesh.  

That was the withdrawal I felt the most.  

I don’t even have much of a sweet tooth.  

As I up my nutrition IQ, I am blown away by how much of what I called food was bathed in sugar. 

Take a look at what you eat could you go 24 hours without eating sugar? 

I am now fully conscious of all of the items that contain sugar and added sugar that I would unwittingly put into my body.   

I know I know your taste buds and food addictions are saying everything will taste disgusting.  

Not true but let’s go there 

I prefer not to experience preventable Health Problems and then have to do the scramble of correcting those problems later on in my life.  

Health Data: https://www.minorityhealth.hhs.gov/omh/browse.aspx?lvl=4&lvlid=18  

Can I live with the excuse that I’m a foodie and that I enjoy fantastic food?  

Everybody enjoys fantastic food, but is obesity, hypertension, or diabetes worth the cake or cookies? 

Is eating that packaged sugary snack worth insulin injections for the rest of your life? 

Why would I not do consistent monthly maintenance on my own body? 

Why wouldn’t I upgrade my thoughts about food and nutrition to match my goals and dreams? 

More on Sugar https://youtu.be/tic7X3ET4gE  

As I continue on my fast, I am open to change 

During this fast, I am seeing more in my time of prayer, my time of meditation, my time of reading and research, and in my time of implementing what I’m learning in an actionable way. 

My family, friends, and the communities I belong to enjoy the level of energy and consistency I bring to what we are doing.  

The clarity that you find in fasting is something I have never experienced before.  

Fasting for clarity: https://youtu.be/IdQgiTPiRYo 

There were moments of facing the scary truth that most people will give up almost anything, but food.  

If there was as much money to be made in fasting like there is to be made in weight loss products, weight loss clinics, “health foods,” untested supplements, and medications, I suspect more people would be learning all they could about the benefits of fasting.  

I just Googled the word fasting 68 million results 

I then Googled the word weight loss 410 million results  

Fasting is life-changing. 

My personal journey has proven that for me.  

If you have never given water-only fasting a go.  

This might be your decade to try something new.  

I am currently at 21 days and counting.  


By @BernardBergan 


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