“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one receives the prize? So run that you may obtain it.”  Corinthians 9:24  

To exist is to Co-Exist  – The Dalai Lama.    

Everyone, at some point in your life, has had a Coach.   


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We called them by their more formal titles like   







Many of us have been fortunate to have been Coached by people outside of our immediate families like   


-Guidance Counselors  

-School Principals  





At some point in your life, you have experienced Coaching, but my question to you is, are you Coachable?  


Are you Coachable?  


Do you ask for consistent feedback?  

Do you take action when you receive feedback?  

Do you remain open to change based on the feedback you receive?  

If you answered No to any of those questions, the problem might be the person in the mirror.   

It takes courage to ask for feedback   

It takes courage to look your children in the eyes and say how can I improve as your Father and listen openly as they share their heart  

It takes courage to sit across from your significant other and ask what do I keep doing that pushes you away  

Are you up for it   

Can you walk in that level of courage?  

Are you brave enough to try something for the first time?  

Be brave enough personally and professionally to revisit a place where you’ve previously experienced failure?  

What is that place for you?  


Courage is Cultivated when we are brave enough to revisit places that we have experienced failure.  


When we revisit those places, we get to own our part in what we experienced and gain the feedback necessary to move forward with the lessons that will help us grow.   


If we run from feedback, we lower our competency.   

If we run from feedback, we lower our ability to maximize each opportunity.   


If we run from feedback, even when that feedback hurts, we are doomed to repeat the thinking and patterns of behavior that fuel negative habits.  


Running from feedback ultimately leaves that drives others us feeling alone and afraid.   


Our earliest Coaches gave us feedback consistently sprinkled with encouragement.   

They reminded us that no matter the current results, we could improve if we applied ourselves.  

They point out what adjustments we need to make and champion who we could become if we made those adjustments.   

This happened in the life of Thomas Moorehead The Chairman of Sterling Motorcars.   

Over thirty years ago, one of Moorhead’s fraternity brothers gave him some feedback on his career prospects.   

Car dealership owner was never on Mr. Moorehead’s bucket list, but he trusted the feedback he had received. He was courageous enough to remain coachable and made every adjustment that was required of him.   

Moorehead went on to become the first African American Lamborghini and McLaren dealer in the history of both brands. Prior to this achievement, Moorehead was also the first African American Rolls Royce dealer in the world.  


Personally or Professionally, you are where you are because of your choices?  

Do you have the courage to make new ones?  

Do you have the courage to ask for feedback?  

Will you be brave enough to make the necessary adjustments, no matter how difficult?  

Will you choose to lay aside your pride and remain coachable?  


If you said YES, you are well on your way to earning and experiencing a LIFE well Lived.