What do you feel like 30 days after starting a water-only fast?
Well now I know clearly
30 days without Food
My Wife shared Congratulations when I spoke with her today!
One of my Brothers did as well
Yes people 30 days without eating your favorite foods is VERY SIGNIFICANT
ESPECIALLY THE 40 pounds of weight I no longer carry around
I didn’t think the weight would peel off
But it did and what is there to complain about.
Just because I have never been under 190 pounds as an adult that’s no reason to be upset.
Today I decided to Dry Fast
No Water
Just Air
The jury is still out on that decision
I was asked do I plan to dry fast the rest of my fasting days
I don’t know!
This definitely feels different
I know for a fact I can go 30 days without food
Water is definitely a Different Beast
Thanks for the Prayers
The well-wishes
The emails and Support
Our journeys are always our own
We would journey if no one supported us
I’m thankful for all the people who do support the journey
Thank you