You Still think the system works

Not all Parents love their kids

Not all Mothers Unconditionally Give

Not all Fathers lead by Example

Not all Children are Humble and Grateful


No I’ve just stayed alive

As I lived I’ve learned so I choose to survive

Trust is earned

more over it must be Proved

and the system we honor it can be crude

The solutions we riot for

protest for

and vote on

you’d think would be forthcoming

but the system protects its own

and they need it to keep running

What disadvantages has the system

presented to you


what does your support of that

system enable them to do

A promise of Beauty for Ashes

requires something to burn

what do you want more

what you always had

or the rewards of a distant shore

You still think the system works

it’s why you defend it!

Here is my truth

I will continue my work to upend it